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12 Celebrities Who Epitomize Curious, Creative Gemini Vibes

We've all have our own unique ways of coping with this era of social distancing. For some, snuggling up night after night to binge-watch the latest Netflix drop is a ...

On 19 Jul,2022


How To Survive Mercury Retrograde In Gemini, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If your emails are mysteriously getting caught in your outbox, texts from that hot dating prospect are making absolutely zero sense, and traffic or public transpo delays abound, chances are ...

On 01 Jul,2022


Gemini Compatibility: How The Quick-Witted Twins Match With Each Sign

Whether you've heard that Virgos are annoying worrywarts or Pisces are total crybabies, no sign is safe from stereotypes. But Geminis have an especially tough time sidestepping preconceived notions about ...

On 18 May,2022

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