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This Is The Go-To Workout That Gives Kate Hudson Her Killer Bod

With spring around the corner (i.e., more revealing fashions in the future), we've been on the hunt for the latest and greatest workouts. And when it comes to celeb ...

On 30 Mar,2022


Glossier'S New Ultralip Is My Go-To Summer Lipstick

Matte lipstick and I have always been acquaintances, at best. While I love the look of a bold red lip, and admire anyone who wears one on a daily basis — ...

On 13 Aug,2022


You Can Actually Work Out On The Couch With Khloé Kardashian'S Go-To Fitness Gadget

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to leave the couch to get your cardio in? Well, Khloé Kardashian has the perfect solution! In a post on her ...

On 05 Aug,2022


Lupita Nyong'O'S Latest Look Will Convince You To Put Down Your Go-To Eyeliner Pencil And Try Something New

just gave us the perfect look to copy. If nothing less, it's an excuse to test out something other than your standard black eyeliner pencil. This actress has been known ...

On 23 Jun,2022


What'S Your Go-To Nail Shape: Square, Round, Or Stiletto?

Stilettos aren’t just for your feet anymore! Lana Del Rey’s go-to shape is the heel-inspired stiletto manicure, a departure from the traditional square or rounded go-to styles. Tell ...

On 19 Jun,2022


Drake Gave Us His Go-To Whiskey Cocktail Recipe—And Its Almost "Too Good" To Be True

that he was launching his own brand of the spirit with liquor mogul Brent Hocking. Virginia Black, which hit stores nationwide this month, tastes noticeably smoother and sweeter than your ...

On 08 Jun,2022


The Incredible Rise Of Makeup Artist Hung Vanngo, Selena Gomez'S Go-To

. Though he spends hours prepping stars' skin with glycolic serums and Korean sheet masks ("I never rush that process, no matter how little time we have"), he's not about a #...

On 21 May,2022


Peloton'S Ally Love Shares Her Go-To 10-Minute Arm Workout

 Ally Love. She regularly churns out short, effective, high-energy arm workouts for women via Peloton’s über-popular at-home platform (and she has the toned body to prove that they work). ...

On 08 May,2022


Kristin Cavallari Shares Her Go-To Recipe For A Healthy Halloween Treat: Pumpkin Banana Bread

Former reality star Kristin Cavallari balances her busy family life (she's the mother of three children under 5) with several budding business projects (her recent partnership with Bounty, ongoing collaboration with ...

On 28 Apr,2022

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