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How To Know If You'Re Having An Asthma Attack

Annie McDonnell was in elementary school the first time the wheezing set in. She was battling a bout of bronchitis when she started feeling like her chest was tight and ...

On 17 Mar,2022


I Could Become Partially Paralyzed If Obamacare Is Repealed

In my early 30s, I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis and cervical radiculitis, diseases that cause the discs in my back to crumble, herniate, and put pressure on my spinal ...

On 13 Nov,2022


If You Want To Sweat Like Joe Manganiello, Turn Your Pandora Channel To This

Joe Manganiello is famous for his biceps, triceps, and all those other 'ceps—he's even writing a fitness book to share all his workout tips! And considering that bikini season ...

On 12 Oct,2022


If You Love '90S Slip Dresses, Then You'Ll Really Love Monique Lhuillier'S Latest Bridal Collection

For bridal fashion, designer Monique Lhuillier has had a very specific vision for a couple of seasons now—an image of "an effortless woman running through a garden," with the ...

On 12 Oct,2022


If You Ever Wondered How You'D Look With Botox, There'S An App For That...

Allergan -- the people behind Botox, Latisse, and Juvederm -- are serving up a new way to transform your look... by doing it digitally. The healthcare company just launched the ...

On 07 Oct,2022


If You Like Instagram And Cooking, You'Re Going To Love This New App

In an ideal world, we’d all have the time and energy to seamlessly pull off duck a l’orange or fresh baked fruit pie on any random weeknight. But ...

On 22 Sep,2022


I Tried This Tension-Reducing Face Mist To See If It Would Make Me Less Of A Maniac

6789db71d0e38beef226b7036f7dc818 Most of the time, I can keep my emotions in check, but every month, there's a weird week about 3 to 5 days before my ...

On 11 Sep,2022


If You Usually Pay Someone To Work For You — Keep Paying Them

The Coronavirus pandemic has already shed light on a lot of things about us: our penchant for panic-buying, how infrequently some people used to wash their hands (ick), our steadfast ...

On 21 Aug,2022


If You Want A Natural Glow, This Is The Illuminator Of Your Dreams

If I had to choose between bronzer, contour, or highlighter, I would for sure choose highlighter. There is no single product in the universe that has the ability to make ...

On 11 Aug,2022


Miranda Lambert Is Headed Back On Tour! Find Out If She’Ll Play In A City Near You

VIDEO: Blake Shelton's Got a New Nashville Home See the full list of tour stops on mirandalambert.com to see if she’s playing in a city near you.

On 04 Jul,2022


What Should You Do If You Hate Your Engagement Ring?

The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure he or she knows what kind of ring you are coveting. Pinterest boards are great, but so is simply ...

On 28 Jun,2022


Have You Actually Eaten Pizza If You Don’T Eat The Crust? Sound Off In Our Poll Sparked By Patrick Stewart'S Twitter Debate

There’s a pizza out there for everyone. Whether you’re a classic pepperoni-and-cheese slicer or an artisanal veggie lover, it’s easy to make a pie that fits your ...

On 18 Jun,2022


If You'Re Gonna Masturbate In Your Parents' House, Read This First

DEAR DR. JENN, When the coronavirus pandemic began, I decided to leave my apartment and go stay with my parents in the suburbs. Three months later, I'm still sleeping in ...

On 27 May,2022


Hurricane Irene: What To Read If You'Re Stuck Inside!

East Coasters, take note! Looks like you'll be spending the weekend indoors, so why not catch up on your What's Right Now reading? See below for a list of InStyle’...

On 26 May,2022


If You Hate Doing Cardio, You Can Probably Stop

There was a time when doing hours upon hours of cardio was considered the best way to get lean. Though times have changed, many women still choose treadmill intervals and ...

On 24 May,2022


Here’S Exactly What To Do If Microblading Your Brows Goes Wrong

It doesn't matter how much pre-appointment research you do: There's always a possibility that microblading your eyebrows could go wrong. The good news is that even though the eyebrow treatment ...

On 11 May,2022


The 5 Best Sex Positions If Your Partner Has A Small Penis

This article originally appeared on Health. For more stories like it, visit health.com. When it comes to penis size, the myth persists that bigger is better. But it's totally ...

On 10 Apr,2022

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