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A New Art Jewelry Incubator Makes Its Debut

A Degree and Master in history of art, a Minor in history and then a second Master in Fashion Design obtained in New York, followed by years of working in ...

On 15 Nov,2021


New Jewelry Looking Eastward

NomisVersatile, innovative and no gender. These are the creations by Nomis, a brand that attracts attention with its anti-conventional and daring style interwoven with elegant nonchalance. «For me, it was ...

On 08 Nov,2021


Jewelry Which Takes Flight

The skillful and creative jewelry designer Madina Visconti has just launched new precious creations remembering the flora and the fauna of a botanical garden. “Ali Collection”, this is its name, ...

On 03 Nov,2021


Jewelry Meets Tarots, According To Aire

Love. Money. Health. Future. Tarot card reading to find out what destiny has in store for us is a practice that may lead to addiction. And this is well known ...

On 01 Nov,2021

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