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Old Hollywood Sirens Inspire New False Lashes: Whose Style Matches Yours Most?

Nothing commands glamour like a set of fluttery faux lashes! Just in time for holiday season, California-based lash salon Lashfully, is rolling out a 17-piece falsie line inspired by Old ...

On 13 Sep,2022


Sies Marjan Makes A Case For Full-Strip Faux Lashes At #Nyfw

Although the general rule of thumb with false lashes is to cut a strip in half, or work with individual flares for a more natural effect, Sies Marjan rejected that ...

On 09 Jul,2022


How To Get Fuller Lashes In 4 Easy Steps

We all strive for long, lush lashes, but the truth is sometimes even the most meticulous mascara application doesn’t do the trick, and faux lashes aren’t exactly practical ...

On 01 Jul,2022


This Genius Eye Makeup Remover Might Help Grow Longer Lashes

As anyone who has ever struggled to remove a stubborn waterproof mascara knows, the art of the clean-up doesn't come without a few lost lashes. Of course, a swipe of ...

On 03 Jun,2022

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