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What'S It Like Shopping For A Wedding Dress When You'Re 6'6"? Just Ask My Giant Life Star Lexie Crist

On tonight's Season 2 finale of My Giant Life, viewers will watch Alexis "Lexie" Crist marry Harrison Majors—but what actually went into planning the six-foot-six beauty's big day? The 23-year-old ...

On 23 Mar,2022


How To Jump-Start Your Day Like Jennifer Lopez

C'mon, admit it: At one point or another, you've wondered exactly where that J. Lo glow comes from. So we quizzed the singer, actress, and founder of health and fitness ...

On 27 Oct,2022


Umami Burger'S Newest Veggie Burger Smells, Looks, And Even Bleeds Like Real Meat

But does it taste like it? See that picture above? Doesn't that look like a regular burger? Well, we have news for you, because that is not beef. In fact, ...

On 20 Oct,2022


Dior'S Maria Grazia Chiuri On Her New Life In Paris: " I Am Like A Tourist In Diorland"

8 a.m. LA VIE EN ROSE This is the first time I've been based in Paris, and although I'm familiar with the city, there's still so much to discover. I ...

On 15 Oct,2022


This Palette Is Like Having More Than 10 Lipsticks On You At Once

Good to Go is our new column where we share the beauty products we can't travel without. This month, why Rouje's Lip Palette is the only lip product you need ...

On 13 Oct,2022


If You Want To Sweat Like Joe Manganiello, Turn Your Pandora Channel To This

Joe Manganiello is famous for his biceps, triceps, and all those other 'ceps—he's even writing a fitness book to share all his workout tips! And considering that bikini season ...

On 12 Oct,2022


I Worked Out Like Jennifer Lopez, Down To Her Bedazzled Tumbler

offered an intro class to various journalists and influencers. I decided that I, a deeply introverted and physically awkward writer, would do my best to work out like the one ...

On 12 Oct,2022


What It'S Like To Have A Four-Course Sit-Down Dinner At Coachella

With $5,000 luxury camping tents, gigantic art installations, and VR headsets, it's apparent that Coachella is a music festival experience unlike any other. And arguably the most profound case in point ...

On 09 Oct,2022


How To Do A Matte Nude Lip Like Camilla Belle

At a brunch during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Camilla Belle wore an understated nude lip. We love how the barely-there shade maintained a matte finish without ...

On 08 Oct,2022


Exclusive Trainer Tips: Get A Body Like Sofia Vergara!

Not only does Sofia Vergara have a new fiancé and star in an Emmy-nominted sitcom, she also has one of the most coveted bodies in Hollywood. Which is why we ...

On 29 Sep,2022


If You Like Instagram And Cooking, You'Re Going To Love This New App

In an ideal world, we’d all have the time and energy to seamlessly pull off duck a l’orange or fresh baked fruit pie on any random weeknight. But ...

On 22 Sep,2022


I Wanted To Grow My Following, So I Started Posting Like An Influencer

at the trendy new West Village restaurant While We Were Young, so . I saw people gushing over photos of , so I bought some from LUSH and . I noticed that were ...

On 16 Sep,2022


Live Like Bob Dylan: Rent The Home Where He Recorded "Music From Big Pink"

First it was Elizabeth Taylor's Palm Springs getaway, now you can rent the home where Bob Dylan and the Band recorded "Music From Big Pink." Vacation rental site HomeAway.com ...

On 13 Sep,2022


Sephora'S New Shopping Feature Is Kind Of Like Beauty Tinder

Sometimes I feel like finding the perfect beauty product requires so much weeding through brands and shades that just aren't my type. Keeping track of the ones that might make ...

On 09 Sep,2022


You'Re Going To Want To Wear Christina Aguilera'S Green Eyeshadow Like Rn

If you watched last night's episode of The Voice, you must have noticed Christina Aguilera's striking makeup — a peachy lip and an emerald-colored smoky eye that's just out-of-this-world beautiful. Well, ...

On 03 Sep,2022


Eddie Ross'S 7 Tips To Shop A Flea Market Like A Pro—Plus, Where To Go Digging

As someone who built a career for himself as an interior design and entertaining expert in Manhattan (even helming a few parties for us here at InStyle), it may come ...

On 02 Sep,2022


Fitness Guru Emily Skye Is Still Working Out Like A Boss At 25 Weeks Pregnant

I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and feeling a lot better than I did during the first 16 weeks. I have more energy and most of my food aversions have disappeared. I’...

On 01 Sep,2022


Kfc Made Sunscreen That Smells Like Fried Chicken—No, We'Re Not Kidding

Every once in a while, we hear about something so zany happening in the beauty world that we have to double check the calendar to make sure it isn't April 1. ...

On 31 Aug,2022


Get A Killer Bod Like Chrissy Teigen With Slt

If you're workout is stuck in a rut, it's time to shake things up for the next generation workout classes that combine disciplines. Such as, what do you get when ...

On 30 Aug,2022


6 Fenty Beauty Tutorials To Shine Bright Like Rihanna

Beauty junkies rejoiced when Bad Gal RiRi launched Fenty Beauty to much fanfare earlier this month. Rihanna fans flocked to Sephora and ordered makeup kits full of Fenty Beauty products ...

On 27 Aug,2022

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