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The Double-Duty Makeup Product That Kerry Washington Can'T Live Without

Forget budge-proof primer. When it comes to Kerry Washington's summer beauty routine, she swaps out the makeup bag staple for sun protection. "I love using a foundation that has SPF ...

On 15 Sep,2022


Live Like Bob Dylan: Rent The Home Where He Recorded "Music From Big Pink"

First it was Elizabeth Taylor's Palm Springs getaway, now you can rent the home where Bob Dylan and the Band recorded "Music From Big Pink." Vacation rental site HomeAway.com ...

On 13 Sep,2022


Mariah Carey Talks Wedding Plans, Beyoncé, And New Music On Watch What Happens Live

After three years, Mariah Carey made a fabulous return to Watch What Happens Live and talked about everything from her engagement ring and upcoming wedding to her feelings about Beyoncé ...

On 29 Aug,2022


Gal Gadot And Revlon Want You To Live Your Life Boldly

It’s a great day when you realize you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Gal Gadot. The Wonder Woman star, who inspires us every day with ...

On 04 Aug,2022


Are You A Fast Walker? New Study Finds You May Live Longer

This article originally appeared on Southern Living. For more stories like it, visit southernliving.com. People who walk fast not only get from place to place in a shorter period ...

On 15 Jul,2022


15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer

For more than a decade, I've been working with a team of experts to study hot spots of longevity—regions we call Blue Zones, where many people live to 100 and ...

On 14 Jul,2022


18 Goodies That Ciara Can’T Live Without

Ever since she first 1,2 stepped her way onto the music scene, there’s been a universal consensus that Ciara can make anything look sexy. Whether she’s showing off her ...

On 01 Mar,2022

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