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What'S It Like Shopping For A Wedding Dress When You'Re 6'6"? Just Ask My Giant Life Star Lexie Crist

On tonight's Season 2 finale of My Giant Life, viewers will watch Alexis "Lexie" Crist marry Harrison Majors—but what actually went into planning the six-foot-six beauty's big day? The 23-year-old ...

On 23 Mar,2022


My Power Outfit: Health Entrepreneur Naomi Whittel

Name: Naomi Whittel Job/Company: CEO and founder of Reserveage Nutrition Brief description of what you do in your role: As the founder and chief executive officer at Reserveage Nutrition, ...

On 16 Nov,2022


These Are The Products That Have The Honor Of Being Crammed Into My Travel Beauty Bag This Summer

Last week, someone asked me, "Are you doing any traveling this summer?" As usual, I answered the question without putting any thought into it. "Nope! I think it's going to ...

On 06 Nov,2022


This $15 Cream Is Saving My Skin From The "Retinoid Uglies"

Retinoids are the popular kids of skincare ingredients. Dermatologists, beauty editors, and celebrities alike regularly gush over products that contain vitamin A. The all-star ingredient treats acne, evens out skin ...

On 06 Nov,2022


How Do I Pluck My Own Eyebrows?

The Web puts answers to every conundrum at your fingertips, but do you really want to seek fashion and beauty counsel from whoever turns up at the top of the ...

On 05 Nov,2022


This Pain-Free Device Plumped My Lips In Only 3 Minutes

In the age of the Kardashians, it seems like everyone wants a plumper pout. Luckily for us, there are ways to get there without committing to lip fillers. While glosses ...

On 04 Nov,2022


This Is The Only Mask That Brings My Dull Winter Skin Back To Life

It’s been winter in New York City for two months and far too long and, with no near end in sight, us New Yorkers have resigned ourselves to dull, ...

On 02 Nov,2022


How J. Lo'S Trainer Changed My Body

When David Kirsch wants me to do something—say, text him a picture of what I’m eating—he always finds a clever approach. "I’ll send you a picture ...

On 02 Nov,2022


A $9 Drugstore Highlighter Is My Secret To Glowing Skin

I found the recipe for dull, tired-looking skin this winter. Turns out, all you need to suck the glow from your face is a steady few months of 30-something-degree weather ...

On 28 Oct,2022


10 Things I Learned From Prepping All My Meals On Sunday

I’m someone who really enjoys eating out. I love trying new restaurants. And I’ve realized that’s where all my money goes. Not shopping (yes, those $120 jeans make ...

On 23 Oct,2022


Julianne Hough'S #Fitspo? "Matching My Fitbit To My Workout Gear!"

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get ourselves out the door and into the gym—even when you're a two-time Dancing with the Stars champion like Julianne Hough. "...

On 13 Oct,2022


How I Wash My Face: Halle Berry

The secret to Halle Berry's radiant skin? Consistency, a lot of love, and a little help from her DIY facial kit. "My routine of taking care of my skin is ...

On 10 Oct,2022


How I Discovered I’Ve Been Working Out Wrong My Entire Life

Anyone who knows me knows my love for working out. It fuels my body, mind, and soul. If I don’t make it to the gym, I am not a ...

On 09 Oct,2022


Olay'S Skinadvisor Tool Told Me How Old My Skin Looks

The worlds of beauty and technology have been colliding in the most harmonious way of late, with a slew of apps that are able to do everything from match the ...

On 08 Oct,2022


I Need To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For My Overseas Move, But I'M Not About To Go All Minimalistic

While most people might be planning fun summer vacations right now, I'm getting ready to move to England. There's quite a lot that still needs to get done, but I'm ...

On 06 Oct,2022


The Drugstore Moisturizer That Saved My Dry, Sensitive Skin

After eczema that was dormant for years popped back up on my face, my skincare routine got a dramatic makeover. The anti-aging serums, essences, and active-filled creams I used to ...

On 27 Sep,2022


Sophia Bush: How I Wash My Face

Fact: Even though Sophia Bush's complexion goes through a lot while under the set lights and makeup filming Chicago P.D., she stays glowing thanks to her dedicated skin care ...

On 18 Sep,2022


I Wanted To Grow My Following, So I Started Posting Like An Influencer

at the trendy new West Village restaurant While We Were Young, so . I saw people gushing over photos of , so I bought some from LUSH and . I noticed that were ...

On 16 Sep,2022


I Tried The Newest Laser Treatment For Acne Scars — Look At My Before And Afters

9db11b31738a0e8387181aa75446a683 Ever since I can remember, I've had acne. I've written before about how my hormones went crazy — and subsequently did a number on my ...

On 04 Sep,2022


How Going Blonde Completely Transformed My Eyebrow Routine

When I first went blonde, I did a double take every single time I looked in the mirror for about two weeks. I felt like I was permanently wearing a ...

On 01 Sep,2022

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