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A New East Village Restaurant Transports You To The Hamptons

Come Memorial Day, like clockwork, the fashion set flees the city for the chic confines of the Hamptons. For those who seek the allure of the beach with the crowd ...

On 30 Nov,2021


The New Normal

What will tomorrow’s new normal be after this exceptional event? In a preview of The State of Fashion report that McKinsey and Company recently published, in collaboration with BOF, ...

On 23 Nov,2021


Africa: The New Dreamer

In the last few months of 2019, the international press’ focus on the African market has been greater than ever. Let's throw back in September, with the LVMH's Young Fashion Designer ...

On 09 Nov,2021


New Jewelry Looking Eastward

NomisVersatile, innovative and no gender. These are the creations by Nomis, a brand that attracts attention with its anti-conventional and daring style interwoven with elegant nonchalance. «For me, it was ...

On 08 Nov,2021


Farfetch, Alibaba Group And Richemont: A New Global Partnership To Accelerate Digitization Of Luxury Industry

Leveraging each company’s respective expertise and extensive reach, Farfetch, Alibaba Group and Richemont sign a new global partnership to accelerate gigitization of luxury industry. The partnership will bring luxury ...

On 01 Nov,2021


Shifting: The New Vo+ September Issue

In Latin, the word omnēque meant “things of value.” It is from here that we want to start to describe this September issue, from the word chosen by curators ...

On 30 Oct,2021


Icons 1932, The New Collection By Chanel Joaillerie

The comet, sun, lion, feather and ribbon. These are the icons from the Chanel world on which the latest, recently launched “Icons 1932” collection by Chanel Joaillerie are inspired. The line ...

On 30 Oct,2021

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