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Hemmerle Revived Treasures At Tefaf New York Fall, 2018

Not just a great exhibition, but also the place to be, right now. Tefaf New York Fall running from October 27 to 31 is bringing together dealers, collectors, curators, and designers in ...

On 01 Mar,2022


New Series Of A Poetic Luxury

Sculptured shapes and lines that form unusual balance. Series III, the new high jewelry collection designed by Charlotte Dauphin De la Rochefoucauld for the homonymous company Dauphin, presents a series ...

On 10 Mar,2022


Vivalagioia: New Must-Haves Of Happiness

VivalaGioia: New Must-Haves of Happiness After Portofino and Capri, VivalaGioia get us in the magic atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast with a new jewelry collection Friday, 04 May 2018, by Antonella Reina ...

On 09 Feb,2022


A New East Village Restaurant Transports You To The Hamptons

Come Memorial Day, like clockwork, the fashion set flees the city for the chic confines of the Hamptons. For those who seek the allure of the beach with the crowd ...

On 30 Nov,2021


Kendall Jenner Proves Black Is The New Black At Lax

After a whirlwind couple of weeks at home in Los Angeles and walking in countless high-profile runway shows at New York Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner is heading off again to ...

On 29 Mar,2022


Orange Is The New Black: Here'S How You Can Actually Buy Piper And Polly'S Soaps

Hands up if you're working on plotting a game plan for binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. Season 3 of everyone's favorite comedy-drama hybrid set in a women's prison begins streaming ...

On 28 Mar,2022


The Latest Addition To Chrissy Teigen'S New Cookbook Will Make You Want To Lick Your Screen

Oh, Chrissy Teigen. You know the way to our hearts. In the midst of the success of the model's first cookbook, Cravings, Teigen is already working on her next venture. ...

On 26 Mar,2022


Book A Massage Nearly Anywhere With This Cool New App

Perhaps you work has been cracking down, your deadlines getting as tight as your budget, and your vacations never seem long enough. It's true: You're in need of some very ...

On 24 Mar,2022


Threading—The New Skin Procedure You Need To Know About

And we're not talking about threading your eyebrows, either. In what just might be the actual "non-surgical facelift" many have claimed, but few have delivered on, face threading involves using ...

On 20 Mar,2022


Glossier'S New Body Hero Products Are The Winter Upgrade Your Shower Needs

,,,,,,, and. These extraordinary athletes self-filmed their daily routines while living and playing in the WNBA "Wubble." To accompany the WNBA's stories, Glossier turned to its own community of body heroes ...

On 17 Mar,2022


Kylie Jenner'S New Lip Kit Color Is Totally Different From The Rest Of Her Lineup

account last night to give us a preview of her upcoming hue, which was modeled by her BFF Jordyn Woods in a 15-second video. As a nod to her sister ...

On 26 Jan,2022


Good Light Is A New Inclusive Skincare Brand Made For Everyone

founded men's beauty website Very Good Light in 2016, he wanted to create an online space that redefines masculinity. Five years later, Yi is continuing to push the binary boundaries of ...

On 31 Mar,2022


Starbucks Is Using Beef Jerky To Top Its New Cold Brew Coffee

You’ve more than likely had a pastry with your morning coffee, or ordered a cup of joe to accompany a hearty breakfast served with bacon or sausage. But Starbucks ...

On 19 Nov,2022


Zayn Malik Reveals Eating Disorder Struggles In New Memoir

Zayn Malik has nothing to hide and he's sharing his secrets in his new memoir, aptly titled Zayn. Among them are details about the singer's harrowing last few months as ...

On 17 Nov,2022


Hard Candy'S New Lipstick Line Has All The Weird Colors You'Ve Ever Wanted

Hard Candy has just unrolled nine new lip colors into the Fierce Effects Lipstick Line, making for a total of 18 unique colors. Who needs 18 different lipsticks, you ask? Um, like, ...

On 17 Nov,2022


This New Funfetti Cake Is The Perfect Excuse To Head To Cheesecake Factory This Month

Any way you slice it, cheesecake always sounds like a good idea to us. Lemony, layered, salted, no-bake, chocolate—whatever the flavor, we’ll take it. But this month, thanks ...

On 16 Nov,2022


Lili Reinhart Is The New Face Of Covergirl

Lili Reinhart, actress and poet, is adding yet another line to her already impressive résumé. Today, COVERGIRL announced that the Riverdale star is the brand's newest ambassador. Reinhart joins ...

On 15 Nov,2022


Leave It To Gwen Stefani To Take The Sleek Ponytail To A Whole New Level

We've been looking up to Gwen Stefani for rock inspo ever since her No Doubt days. After all, we can all agree that her cool-girl fashion and beauty games are ...

On 13 Nov,2022


Gwyneth Paltrow And Brad Pitt Book New Perfume Campaigns

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow are together again, as both have been tapped as the new faces for two luxe fragrances. Paltrow is representing Hugo Boss's new women's fragrance, Boss ...

On 12 Nov,2022


In Her New Documentary, Demi Lovato Says Being A Mental Health Advocate Almost Killed Her

"Doesn't Demi Lovato have that?" As a psychiatrist who sees college and graduate students, this is a question I am used to answering on a regular basis when discussing a ...

On 11 Nov,2022

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