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This Is The Best Ingredient For Acne And Redness — And You'Re Probably Not Using It

As someone who's struggled with stubborn breakouts for most of their adult life thus far, I've tried every over-the-counter acne-fighting ingredient I could get my hands on — or so I ...

On 13 Jul,2022


Lots Of Moms Are Disappointed By Their Baby’S Sex, Not Just Khloé Kardashian

When pregnant celebrities reveal whether they're having a baby girl or boy, it's almost always with a cheerful photo. The announcement might feature light pink or baby boy blue balloons. ...

On 30 Jun,2022


Try Not Cry When You See This Man'S Reaction To His Bride Walking Down The Aisle

We have to warn you—before you watch the video below, make sure you have a box of tissues within reach, because You.Will.Need.It. Here is the backstory: ...

On 11 Jun,2022


Sorry, Your Bandana Might Not Be Protecting You As Much As You Think It Is

Along with your keys and phone, face masks have become a must-have for leaving the house — and for good reason. Months into this deadly global pandemic, we now know that ...

On 09 Jun,2022


This Is Not A Drill—Kylie Jenner Is Restocking Her Lip Kits Tomorrow

Looks like daylight saving isn't the only thing we'll be setting our clocks for this weekend. This afternoon, Kylie Jenner announced on her website that her elusive Lip Kits would ...

On 03 Jun,2022


How To Keep Your Makeup On Your Face—And Not Smeared All Over The Screen Of Your Phone

My walk to the subway every morning is somewhat meditative for me. I leave my house feeling freshly made-up and ready to take on the day. You know, concealer actually ...

On 04 May,2022


We Dare You Not To Cry At This Couple'S Photoshoot Inspired By The Notebook

Have you ever wished that an adorable elderly couple do a photoshoot inspired by The Notebook and totally melt your heart? Well then, today is your lucky day. Clemma and ...

On 26 Feb,2022


Not Ordinary Jewels

We are used to judging the value of jewelry based on gems and precious met- als. However, jewelry is also a form of autonomous art which combines sculpture, painting and ...

On 15 Dec,2021

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