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It'S True: The Perfect All-Natural Lipstick Does Exist

I have a favorite red lipstick. It’s by NARS and it goes by the name of Rita. My favorite matte is courtesy of Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys, ...

On 30 Mar,2022


Food And Wine Pairings For The Perfect Labor Day Weekend Picnic

It's already Labor Day Weekend, which means summer's about to turn over to the frigid winds of winter, GoT's season seven is over, and we're left patiently awaiting fall's most ...

On 23 Jun,2022


The Ingenious Tool That Lets You Get The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

Step away from the Scotch tape, and get ready to wing your eyeliner like a pro. Thanks to Beautyblender, there's a new makeup tool that will help you nail your ...

On 05 Jun,2022


Kate Hudson Sports The Perfect Mix Of Rock-N-Roll And Boho While Hopping A Flight

It doesn't matter if Kate Hudson is lounging by the pool in an itsy bitsy bikini or working the red carpet in a sultry design. The Hollywood A-lister is always ...

On 30 May,2022


Stumped On Choosing Your Wedding Hashtag? We'Ve Got Your Perfect Solution

The most popular guest on every wedding list is the hashtag. Why? That little number sign in front of those clever words not only adds a branding aspect to your ...

On 16 May,2022


This Is The Perfect Frittata Recipe For Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner

The humble frittata is a mealtime hero. Whip one up on a Sunday evening and you’re set for a week of comforting breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It's a cinch ...

On 26 Apr,2022


7 Reasons Why Charleston Is The Perfect Destination For A Girl'S Trip

There are a million reasons why Charleston, South Carolina makes a great vacation, but a recent weekend there with friends convinced me that it’s one of the best places ...

On 24 Feb,2022


Decode The Dress Code: Find The Perfect Outfit To Wear To Any Wedding This Season

Wedding season is officially upon us! Which means that if you're like us, you've probably already received an invite that left you totally stumped on what to wear. And whether ...

On 25 Mar,2022


7 Perfect Summer Road-Trip Ideas Inspired By Our Favorite Cult-Classic Tv Shows

When we were first introduced to FBI agent Dale Cooper of cult-classic series Twin Peaks, he’s driving along an empty, tree-paved road as he enters the small town of ...

On 23 Nov,2021


The Real Housewives-Approved Hotel Perfect For Your Next Girls' Getaway

It’s spring. The weather is getting warmer, and your calendar is probably packed with social events (read: bridal showers, weddings, bachelorette parties and more weddings). Finding accommodations for all ...

On 25 Nov,2021


The Perfect Engagement And Wedding Rings

Every bride-to-be is familiar with the traditional poem ‘Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue’. Originating from an Old English rhyme, it has become customary that brides carry or ...

On 16 Dec,2021


Andrew Geoghegan'S Picture Perfect Cannelé Collection

The name of the Cannelé collection by Andrew Geoghegan comes from the French word for fluted - a design detail that you can't miss in these extraordinarily pretty bridal jewels ...

On 17 Nov,2021


The $40 Secret To Jennifer Lopez’S Perfect Eyebrows

More than two decades after she first burst onto the scene and into our hearts with Selena, Jennifer Lopez still manages to keep us on our toes. And when it ...

On 31 Oct,2021


Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

When it comes to researching about buying a diamond engagement ring you can read a lot about many different factors about diamonds, such as the 4 C’s, cut, carat weight, ...

On 15 Dec,2021


A Tankini Is The Perfect Swimsuit For Plus-Size Women

When it comes to bathing suits, plus-sized women often find themselves at a disadvantage. The most popular styles, such as bikinis and revealing monokinis, aren’t usually found in their ...

On 14 Jan,2022


How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying the perfect engagement ring is a huge challenge, so it’s little wonder that the prospect of making the right decision can transform even the most self-assured of men ...

On 15 Dec,2021


3 Tips For Planning Your Perfect Summer Vacation

If you’re like most people, you can’t wait for the summer months to roll around so you can take a vacation. The winter months are filled with dreams ...

On 29 Oct,2021

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