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It'S True: The Perfect All-Natural Lipstick Does Exist

I have a favorite red lipstick. It’s by NARS and it goes by the name of Rita. My favorite matte is courtesy of Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys, ...

On 30 Mar,2022


Chlo Grace Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham Prove Boxing Is The Perfect Date Night Activity

You know what they say: the couple that works out together, stays together. Well, at least when you're Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham. The 19-year-old actress took to Instagram ...

On 19 Nov,2022


This New Funfetti Cake Is The Perfect Excuse To Head To Cheesecake Factory This Month

Any way you slice it, cheesecake always sounds like a good idea to us. Lemony, layered, salted, no-bake, chocolate—whatever the flavor, we’ll take it. But this month, thanks ...

On 16 Nov,2022


Find The Perfect Fragrance For Your Age

Below is an excerpt from "Find the Perfect Fragrance for Your Age," which originally appeared on PopSugar. Read the full story at popsugar.com. The facts are in, and we've ...

On 16 Nov,2022


How To Have The Perfect Disney Wedding

You can get married in front of Cinderella Castle, sure, but Disney Fairy Tale Weddings aren’t just for wannabe princesses. With the help of Disney, you can live a ...

On 01 Nov,2022


Tiff Beauty: How To Get Gugu Mbatha-Raw'S Perfect Pink Lip

Even as a relative newcomer, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is no stranger to a flawless makeup moment on the red carpet. This time we’re pining for the pretty pink lip color ...

On 30 Oct,2022


Editor-Tested: Sephora'S Pantone Color Iq Tool Gave Us A Perfect Foundation Match

Matching your foundation shade to your skin tone is a constant battle. Luckily, Sephora's Pantone Color IQ tool (sephora.com for store locations) takes the guesswork out of finding your ...

On 24 Oct,2022


This Lemon-Blackberry Cupcake Is The Perfect Summer Dessert

Looking for a sweet treat to serve at your end-of-summer fête? This zesty citrus-infused cupcake from food writer and Ravenous Kitchen blogger Carla Snyder is your best bet. Topped ...

On 16 Oct,2022


Beyonce'S Makeup Artist Just Came Up With The Perfect Summer Beauty Look

announced that he teamed up with Luminess Cosmetics to create a limited-edition collection inspired by the film, I immediately was more excited about all of my potential summer makeup looks. (...

On 09 Oct,2022


Anna Kendrick Seeks "Strapping, Muscular Man" On Twitter; Kellan Lutz Hilariously Responds To The Pitch Perfect Star

Ask and you shall receive! Here's to hoping (and wishing) that Kendrick responds to Lutz's question. This article originally appeared on People. For more stories like this, visit People.com.

On 07 Oct,2022


This Chilled Cucumber Soup Is The Perfect August Dish

We can all agree that firing up the grill or switching on the oven can be downright unpleasant in this late summer heat. No matter how much we love our ...

On 25 Sep,2022


The Hack That Makes Kylie Jenner’S Smoky Eyes Perfect Every Time

, a KarJenner glam squad regular, to create a tutorial that’s packed with "aha!” moments. The most game-changing tidbit? The key to blending out a purple eye so it appears ...

On 06 Sep,2022


3 New Books That Will Help You Throw The Perfect Summer Party

Step away from the trashy summer beach mags. Scoop these three new party-enhancing books up and kick back for a summer full of unexpected beer pairings, backyard get togethers, and ...

On 23 Aug,2022


This Cuban Cocktail Is Perfect For Sweater Weather

One of the most unique books to hit the culinary section at your local bookstore (and the proverbial shelves of Amazon) this fall is Cuban Cocktails: 100 Classic and Modern Drinks ($25; ...

On 16 Aug,2022


5 Reasons Why The Ipad Pro Makes The Perfect Summer Travel Companion

Traveling with the right accessories can make or break a seamless vacation, which is why we were thrilled when we brought along the iPad Pro on a recent vacation. Below, 5 ...

On 11 Aug,2022


How To Land The Perfect Kiss On New Year’S Eve

DEAR DR. JENN, I just started seeing someone new and we haven’t kissed yet. With New Year’s Eve coming up, it feels like the perfect time for a ...

On 30 Jul,2022


You Can Make The Perfect Coq Au Vin—We'Ve Got The Easy Recipe

Preparing coq au vin ("rooster in wine”) seems intimidating for a number of reasons: it involves manhandling an entire bird, marinating it overnight, cooking with liquor, and it’s French (...

On 24 Jul,2022


The Perfect 5-Minute Bold Makeup Look, According To Kosas Founder Sheena Yaitanes

Welcome to Beauty Boss, a reoccurring series in which we spotlight the power players driving the beauty world forward. Consider this your chance to steal their get-ahead secrets, and grow ...

On 22 Jul,2022


Food And Wine Pairings For The Perfect Labor Day Weekend Picnic

It's already Labor Day Weekend, which means summer's about to turn over to the frigid winds of winter, GoT's season seven is over, and we're left patiently awaiting fall's most ...

On 23 Jun,2022


The Ingenious Tool That Lets You Get The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

Step away from the Scotch tape, and get ready to wing your eyeliner like a pro. Thanks to Beautyblender, there's a new makeup tool that will help you nail your ...

On 05 Jun,2022

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