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Planning Our Wedding Was Our First Real Test As A Couple

"Lube your rings" — that's one of the best pieces of advice we got. Just a little, right before they go on the pillow so you won't get stuck in an ...

On 20 Mar,2022


Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively'S Wedding: "Real People, Real Love" Says Martha Stewart

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s wedding was meticulously planned, with every secret—from her hand-draped Marchesa wedding dress to the picturesque southern venue—carefully kept thanks to a little ...

On 03 Jul,2022


Remember Pam And Judd From The Real World?! They'Re Celebrating 15 Years Of Marriage

Pam Ling and Judd Winick from the 1994 season of The Real World set in San Francisco have just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. That's right—these two found true love ...

On 15 Jun,2022


Why You Get That Post-Juice Cleanse Glow, And How To Keep It After You'Ve Switched Back To Real Food

If you've ever embarked on the epic journey that is a juice cleanse, you know that all your discipline was so worth it by the end of day three, when ...

On 10 Jun,2022


Too Faced’S New Chocolate Palette Is Infused With Real Gold

, we now know the brand will be releasing a Chocolate Gold Palette. The new addition is an update on the original with new shimmery bright colors, in addition to matte ...

On 06 Jun,2022


The Real Reason Why Bachelorette Parties Are A Thing

When movie Rough Night opens in theaters Friday, the comedy about college friends who reunite 10 years later at a bachelorette party that goes wrong will be just one of a ...

On 01 Jun,2022


Alicia Vikander Keeps It Real With Her Post-Oscars Red Carpet Plans

Louis Vuitton favorite Alicia Vikander once more turned to the beloved Parisian designer for her 2016 Oscars gown. The results? A stunning, strapless gown covered in embellishments that the actress not ...

On 28 Apr,2022


Fitness Guru Emily Skye Gets Real About Diet And Exercise Struggles During Pregnancy

I always thought that when I became pregnant I would be really healthy and not eat any junk food at all. I also planned on exercising throughout (provided it was ...

On 24 Apr,2022


Editor-Tested: Sk-Ii'S Beauty Imaging Machine Measured The Real Age Of Our Skin

SK-II, the luxury skincare brand of which Cate Blanchett and Kate Bosworth are the celebrity faces, just launched their Beauty Imaging System, which analyzes your complexion to determine its actual ...

On 09 Apr,2022


Umami Burger'S Newest Veggie Burger Smells, Looks, And Even Bleeds Like Real Meat

But does it taste like it? See that picture above? Doesn't that look like a regular burger? Well, we have news for you, because that is not beef. In fact, ...

On 05 Jan,2022


The Real Housewives-Approved Hotel Perfect For Your Next Girls' Getaway

It’s spring. The weather is getting warmer, and your calendar is probably packed with social events (read: bridal showers, weddings, bachelorette parties and more weddings). Finding accommodations for all ...

On 25 Nov,2021

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