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5 Essential Summer Grilling Tips—Plus The Only Bbq Sauce Recipe You'Ll Ever Need

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to swap the stove for the grill and dine alfresco. But before you reach for the spatula, know that barbecuing isn't as ...

On 02 Aug,2022


You Can Make The Perfect Coq Au Vin—We'Ve Got The Easy Recipe

Preparing coq au vin ("rooster in wine”) seems intimidating for a number of reasons: it involves manhandling an entire bird, marinating it overnight, cooking with liquor, and it’s French (...

On 24 Jul,2022


Maria Menounos'S Pesto Pasta Recipe Is As Easy As It Is Delicious

Maria Menounos certainly knows her way around the kitchen. The gorgeous actress and TV correspondent recently uploaded an Instagram picture of a delicious bowl of penne with the caption, "In ...

On 17 Jul,2022


Emmy Rossum Loves This Hotel Breakfast—And We'Ve Got The Recipe

There's nothing like breakfast in bed at a hotel—especially when the hotel in question is Shutters on the Beach. For the uninitiated, the iconic oceanfront space in Santa Monica, ...

On 04 Jul,2022


This Recipe From Milk Bar Chef Christina Tosi Will Change The Way You Eat Cereal

Christina Tosi, the James Beard Award-winning pastry savant behind Momofuku's sister bakery Milk Bar, loves cereal. It's apparent in her roster of creative desserts, which cleverly combine unexpected ingredients (coffee ...

On 28 Jun,2022


A Waffle Recipe That'S Actually Healthy

Most of us can agree that indulging in a fat stack of waffles on a Sunday morning is a simple luxury. But wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’...

On 27 Jun,2022


A Spanish Breakfast Recipe From New York'S Buzziest Tapas Bar

In a city of burgeoning food trends and new restaurants, it can be difficult to determine which establishment is worth saving your appetite for. But we're here to report that ...

On 24 Jun,2022


This Japanese Tempura Dish Blew Gwyneth Paltrow'S Mind—Get The Recipe

to document a meal she described as "Mind blowing. Sublime. Perfect," we knew we had to get the recipe. The dish, a bowl of crispy tempura served over rice, comes ...

On 16 Jun,2022


Try This Southern-Style Shrimp And Grits Recipe From The Restaurant Nashville'S Stars Love

Unbeknownst to some fans, many TV shows film in remote locations, despite where they're actually supposed to take place. Game of Thrones? Northern Ireland. True Blood? Shreveport, La. The cast ...

On 01 Jun,2022


A Gluten-Free Waffle Recipe That You Can Pack Your Kids (Or Yourself!) For Lunch

For those avoiding gluten, navigating lunchtime can be tricky. Even trickier? Finding convenient, kid-friendly options sans wheat, barley, and rye to pack into a lunchbox. Enter these coconut flour-based, gluten-free ...

On 26 May,2022


A Surprisingly Healthy Dessert Recipe That'S Almost Too Pretty Too Eat

Is it possible for a salad to double as dessert? If you attempt this recipe, the answer is yes—with minimal guilt, we might add. The superfood-packed fruit dish, made ...

On 24 May,2022


Parsnip Soup As A Light Summer Dish? There'S A Recipe For That...

Parsnips, the hearty, starchy root veggie, aren’t often associated with warm-weather dishes. However, Lee Watson, chef, TV personality, and author of Peace and Parsnips: Adventurous Vegan Cooking for Everyone($17; ...

On 30 Apr,2022


Shake Up Your Weekend Brunch With This Yummy Shakshuka Recipe

As any brunch savant knows, there are myriad ways to enjoy your eggs—scrambled, poached, sunny-side up, the list goes on—but there's one method that's sure to impress anyone ...

On 29 Apr,2022


Celebrate National Iced Tea Day With This Insanely Refreshing Recipe

Whether you prefer it sweetened or unsweetened, loose leaf or in a bag, make sure to pour yourself a glass of iced tea today. Why, you ask? Because it's the ...

On 29 Apr,2022


Kristin Cavallari Shares Her Go-To Recipe For A Healthy Halloween Treat: Pumpkin Banana Bread

Former reality star Kristin Cavallari balances her busy family life (she's the mother of three children under 5) with several budding business projects (her recent partnership with Bounty, ongoing collaboration with ...

On 28 Apr,2022


This Is The Perfect Frittata Recipe For Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner

The humble frittata is a mealtime hero. Whip one up on a Sunday evening and you’re set for a week of comforting breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It's a cinch ...

On 26 Apr,2022


Kourtney Kardashian Swears This Gluten-Free Mac And Cheese Tastes Like A Cheat Meal—Get The Recipe

Not even Kourtney Kardashian, queen of the racy swimsuit, can resist a good mac and cheese. The self-professed lover of organic health foods, who is even known to inspect her ...

On 17 Apr,2022


This Is The Healthiest, Easiest Ice Cream Recipe Ever

Despite all of the wonderful perks that summer has to offer (beach days and cute wedges, just to name a few), these sun-soaked months leave some of us battling two ...

On 07 Mar,2022

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