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Threading—The New Skin Procedure You Need To Know About

And we're not talking about threading your eyebrows, either. In what just might be the actual "non-surgical facelift" many have claimed, but few have delivered on, face threading involves using ...

On 20 Mar,2022


This Best-Selling Face Mask Hides Tired Skin In 10 Minutes

and 's line of luxe face masks. The mask was conceived by the two influencers as a 10-minute fix for the dullness and dryness that occurs from lots of air ...

On 18 Nov,2022


Our 13 Favorite Winter Skin Savers For 2013: Shop Them Now!

While the chill in the air temporarily brings a rosy glow to your cheeks, the harsh weather can dry out and irritate your skin. That's why we rounded up our ...

On 14 Nov,2022


Courteney Cox Is 52! Find Out How She Achieves Totally Ageless Skin

Happy birthday to Courteney Cox! The beautiful birthday gal, who's best known for having played Monica Geller on Friends, turns 52 today. Aside from her forever-famous Friends role, the actress turned ...

On 11 Nov,2022


This Is The Real Difference Between Skin Brightening And Skin Lightening

There’s so much confusion about products and ingredients that claim to lighten and/or brighten skin. So we consulted with Dr. Dennis Gross, founder of 900 Fifth Dermatology and Dr. ...

On 06 Nov,2022


This $15 Cream Is Saving My Skin From The "Retinoid Uglies"

Retinoids are the popular kids of skincare ingredients. Dermatologists, beauty editors, and celebrities alike regularly gush over products that contain vitamin A. The all-star ingredient treats acne, evens out skin ...

On 06 Nov,2022


This Is The Only Mask That Brings My Dull Winter Skin Back To Life

It’s been winter in New York City for two months and far too long and, with no near end in sight, us New Yorkers have resigned ourselves to dull, ...

On 02 Nov,2022


A $9 Drugstore Highlighter Is My Secret To Glowing Skin

I found the recipe for dull, tired-looking skin this winter. Turns out, all you need to suck the glow from your face is a steady few months of 30-something-degree weather ...

On 28 Oct,2022


Jennifer Aniston Is Partnering With Aveeno Skin Care

Jennifer Aniston, who already fronts campaigns for brands like SmartWater and Living Proof hair care, has teamed up with skin care brand Aveeno! "We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will ...

On 28 Oct,2022


First Look: Bethenny Frankel'S Skinnygirl Skin And Body Care

Now you can have a Skinnygirl Margarita in a bath set! Bethenny Frankel’s new Skinnygirl skin and body care line sets out to offer a practical and affordable alternative ...

On 27 Oct,2022


A Face Mask Primer Is The Secret Skin Care Step You Didn'T Know You Needed

Confession: If I turn down an invitation by responding that I already have plans, it’s highly likely I don’t actually have a previous commitment , I’m sitting on ...

On 24 Oct,2022


The Foundation That Keeps Kourtney Kardashian'S Skin Breakout-Free

When you have blemish-prone skin, foundation can be problematic. Sure, it’ll cover up any existing zits that are healing on your face, but that’s no bonus if the ...

On 23 Oct,2022


Miranda Kerr'S Wedding Prep For Radiant Skin Is So Easy To Do At Home

You could say Miranda Kerr knows a thing or two about showing some skin. Between Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoots and Victoria's Secret runways, she's recognized worldwide for her incredible bod, ...

On 21 Oct,2022


This Rotating Beauty Brush Will "Airbrush" Your Skin

I'll admit: I don't use foundation all that often (on most days it's some BB Cream mixed with moisturizer), and when I do, it's often applied somewhat hastily with my ...

On 19 Oct,2022


Candice Swanepoel Shares The Smoothie Recipe Behind Her Gorgeous Skin

We've tried way too many strobing techniques to mimic Candice Swanepoel's insanely luminous complexion, when this whole time, the answer to mirroring her perfect skin was in our kitchen. At ...

On 18 Oct,2022


Swapping This Step In Your Skincare Routine Could Totally Transform Your Skin

I’ve committed plenty of skincare sins in my time. I’ve over-cleansed, over-treated, and indulged in products that I knew were wrong for my skin type, just because I ...

On 09 Oct,2022


Olay'S Skinadvisor Tool Told Me How Old My Skin Looks

The worlds of beauty and technology have been colliding in the most harmonious way of late, with a slew of apps that are able to do everything from match the ...

On 08 Oct,2022


Tontouring Is Now A Thing—And It Could Be The Answer To Flawless Skin 24/7

Step aside contouring, strobing and baking. There’s a new makeup trend to add into your ample beauty vocabulary, and it’s one that will answer the prayers of every ...

On 01 Oct,2022


The Drugstore Moisturizer That Saved My Dry, Sensitive Skin

After eczema that was dormant for years popped back up on my face, my skincare routine got a dramatic makeover. The anti-aging serums, essences, and active-filled creams I used to ...

On 27 Sep,2022


Emily Ratajkowski Is Using Snail Mucin To Fix Her ‘Freaked Out’ Quarantine Skin

When she’s not effortlessly pulling off risky fashion choices or dressing like she’s living in 1996, Emily Ratajkowski is dealing with an issue us lay people can certainly relate ...

On 24 Sep,2022

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