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This Bride Thought She Couldn'T Find Love Until She Lost Weight—But She Was So Wrong

Callie Thorpe married Daniel Hetherington on June 8 and, while the wedding looked absolutely gorgeous, it's the bride's recent comments on Instagram that have inspired the masses. The plus-size style blogger ...

On 26 Mar,2022


Pat Mcgrath’S First Foundation Is Three Decades In The Making — So You Know It’S Good

After three decades of research and development, Pat McGrath is finally launching her first-ever foundation — and it's major. The legendary makeup artist is entering the complexion-product category with Skin Fetish: ...

On 26 Jun,2022


A Muffin That Tastes So Good, You Won'T Believe It'S Vegan

Being a vegan has its fair share of health benefits, but when it comes to baked goods, the absence of key ingredients (eggs, milk, and honey) can make everything taste, ...

On 13 Jun,2022


Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Look So In Love On A Tropical Getaway

Zigi is coming in hot with a new photo that will give you serious #CoupleGoals. While their relationship has had a few bumps in the road, Gigi Hadid just proved ...

On 10 Jun,2022


Why Surrogacy Is Illegal In So Many Places

When Cristie Montgomery, 67, told her husband she wanted to be a surrogate, in the late 1980s, she remembers him saying he hoped she would just forget about it. "Thirty years ...

On 08 May,2022


So, Soap-Free Body Wash Exists

A body wash devoid of soap may seem like a contradiction, but if you're attempting to cross over into the natural product realm, consider it your new normal. Crude Personal ...

On 30 Apr,2022


So, What Are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are one of the most common reproductive health issues women face. In fact, Senator Kamala Harris just introduced a bill to provide more funding for research and education ...

On 24 Apr,2022

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