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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your New Tattoo

Some people would be surprised to know this, but I’m slightly addicted to getting tattoos. Seven currently scatter my body and I have plans to get another sometime this ...

On 26 May,2022


Michael Phelps'S Game Face Was Immortalized As A Tattoo

Michael Phelps's now infamous scowl as he got in the zone for the 2016 Rio Olympics is the game face that launched 1,000 memes. Seriously, social media couldn't get enough, and we ...

On 04 May,2022


23 Trendy And Unique Uv Tattoo Ideas For Women

The art of tattooing has come along way and now even more stunning designs are being created. One amazing tattoo trend is UV or black light tattoos. These tattoos are ...

On 01 Mar,2022


41 Cute Bumble Bee Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Thinking about a new tattoo and are looking for design inspiration? Then this is the post for you. We have found 41 of the best bumble bee tattoo ideas. Bees have ...

On 14 Feb,2022


10 Badass Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Women

Thigh tattoos – we love them because you can hide them or show them off, depending on your mood that day. If you’re in the market for badass thigh tattoo ...

On 06 Apr,2022


41 Beautiful Peony Tattoo Ideas For Women

Peony tattoos are beautiful and these have become one of the most popular pieces of body art. The flowers symbolize many things including good fortune, romance, compassion and more. So ...

On 22 Feb,2022


21 Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women

Rose tattoos are very popular and this is no surprise. These are beautiful flowers and are many people’s favorite, but they also have significant meanings too. Each color of ...

On 08 Dec,2021


21 Trendy Mandala Tattoo Ideas For Women

Mandala tattoos have become the must have tattoo. These intricate tattoos feature circles and have a floral look, however the possibilities are endless in the designs an artist can create. ...

On 24 Nov,2021


43 Bold And Badass Snake Tattoo Ideas For Women

A snake tattoo can symbolize many things from fertility to eternity. As a snake shed its skin, it also carries the meaning of transformation, rebirth and healing. We love the ...

On 10 Nov,2021


61 Cool And Creative Elephant Tattoo Ideas

Elephant tattoos are very popular for both men and women. The majestic elephant can symbolize many different things as a tattoo. Some believe that an elephant can bring good luck ...

On 03 Nov,2021


21 Awesome Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Thinking of getting inked? Then you need to check out these small tattoo ideas. Not all tattoos have to be big and bold. You can still have a beautiful work ...

On 31 Oct,2021


43 Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas That Are Simple Yet Cool

We all have dates that mean something special to us. Maybe a birthday, anniversary or a day when we remember someone we care about. A popular date design to have ...

On 31 Oct,2021


41 Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You

You can’t look up at the night sky and not be in awe of the mystical moon. It inspires so many people from scientists to lovers of magic and ...

On 15 Dec,2021

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