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Tina Fey: 'Great Makeup Artists Need These Four Things'

Tina Fey thanked two of the most important people in her life last night—her makeup artists! As she honored her 30 Rock behind-the-scenes magicians Jenn Jorge Nelson and Julie Teel ...

On 21 Mar,2022


These Brands Take The Guesswork Out Of Matching Your Foundation And Concealer

Let’s dispel a myth right now: Your foundation does not always have to exactly match your concealer. In fact, in most cases your concealer could stand to be a ...

On 18 Mar,2022


What Emma Roberts Is Reading These Days

. Like many celebrities, the 25-year-old Scream Queens actress regularly posts stunning shots of her , , and from the set. However, unlike most stars, Roberts also treats the photo-sharing app like her ...

On 30 Jun,2022


These Scented Nail Polish Removers Make Changing Your Lacquer A Luxury

When it comes to manicures, nail polish remover is a necessary evil. The pungent odor will stink up the whole house and potentially harm your health. Measures have been made ...

On 29 Jun,2022


Genius! These Apps Help You Track Your Period

You hear it all the time, but it's totally true: We're living at the height of convenience in all facets of our lives, including health and beauty. For example, there ...

On 28 Jun,2022


Say Goodbye To Stubborn Sun Spots With These Pro Tips

Nothing embodies summer like a day spent sitting on the beach, but too much time spent in the sun can often result in unwanted dark spots on your complexion. "Brown ...

On 27 Jun,2022


These Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches Are What Fourth Of July Dreams Are Made Of

Sometimes, there's nothing more satisfying that biting into a cool and refreshing ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day. With July 4th mere weeks away, why not reinvent the ...

On 24 Jun,2022


These Bachelor Contestants Found Love On The Show—With Each Other

A photo posted by Megan Marx (@megan.leto.marx) on Sep 12, 2016 at 6:42pm PDT A photo posted by Megan Marx (@megan.leto.marx) on Sep 15, 2016 at 3:04am PDT A photo ...

On 22 Jun,2022


These Concentrated Foundations Blend With Your Skin-Care Staples To Provide Tinted Coverage

Orange juice from concentrate may not be as good as the real deal, but foundation from concentrate? That's another story. These ultra-concentrated foundation formulas by Marc Jacobs ($55; sephora.com), Ardency ...

On 13 Jun,2022


You Can Learn A Ton From These "Dos And Don'Ts" Makeup Videos

YouTube vloggers have a way of sucking you into their world and making you forget that you have work to do and chores to complete and errands to run and ...

On 08 Jun,2022


Summer Is Going To Be Lit With These Tequila-Infused Gummies

Why indulge in plain ol' candy when there's now candy infused with tequila? Today, Casamigos (the premium tequila company started by good pals George Clooney and Rande Gerber) revealed its ...

On 07 Jun,2022


Sweat It Out: These New Fitness Sites And Apps Will Upgrade Your Workouts

Ready to break a sweat? Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a few minutes of yoga or get your cardio on in the comfort of your own living room, ...

On 02 Jun,2022


Why These Twin Eritrean Political Refugees Made Sure To Own 100% Of Their Beauty Brand

In the Los Angeles loft headquarters of 2.4.1 Cosmetics, gray walls give way to a calming and warm ambiance, with flowers and flickering candles framing the space. The founders' own quote, "...

On 31 May,2022


Score! Show Your Team Spirit With These Football-Inspired Manicures

It's official -- the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl! While the boys on each team are surely training for the big event on February 2...

On 31 May,2022


Get Your Dose Of Vitamins With These Skin-Care Products

Below is an excerpt from "Vitamin-Infused Beauty Products" which originally appeared on StyleBistro. Read the full story at stylebistro.com. You take a multivitamin to keep your body healthy, so ...

On 27 May,2022


These Flower Girl Grandmas Totally Won This Wedding

Josh and Maggie Wakefield have begun what we hope turns into the biggest wedding trend to ever hit the industry: flower girl grandmas. The couple, who tied the knot on ...

On 26 May,2022


Weekend Baking Project: Whip Up These Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Fall is officially here, which means pumpkins are ripe for picking. Whether you're visiting a patch this weekend or just scooping up all the cans at your local grocery store ...

On 15 May,2022


Planning A Last Minute Getaway? These 5 Apps Take Care Of Every Detail

Thanks to your smartphone, making vacay plans is easier—and more social—than ever. "Trending apps allow you to get alerts, share itineraries with friends, and browse things to do," ...

On 10 May,2022


We Can Actually Stick To Taking These Sprayable Vitamins

Even back in the pre-gummi days when our parents would make us pop a Flintstone tablet, we weren't exactly the best at taking our vitamins. We'd complain of the chalky ...

On 07 May,2022


These Witty Tees Will Make You Want To Hit The Gym

Need gym motivation? We've found a great outfit can make all the difference. And if neon colored sports bras and mesh tanks aren't enough to get you moving, we've found ...

On 06 May,2022

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