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Cold Brew Ice Cream Is Officially A Thing, And Here'S Where You Can Get It

Cold brew fans, get thyselves to New York City ASAP this summer, because we have the best news of the day for you. Cold brew ice cream now exists, and ...

On 31 Jul,2022


This 6 Year Old'S Makeup Tutorial Is The Most Entertaining Thing You'Ll Watch On The Internet Today

Rules of motherhood: When your six-year-old insists on filming a makeup tutorial, you let your six-year-old film a makeup tutorial. At least that’s the rule with Reddit user apclpsmww, ...

On 05 Jul,2022


The Next Big Thing: Custom-Made Harry Winston Engagement Rings

Harry Winston, the jeweler whose dazzlers have graced the ring fingers of some of the world's most beautiful brides, including Jacqueline Kennedy, has introduced the Ultimate Bridal Collection, which allows ...

On 24 Jun,2022


The One Thing Kim Kardashian Doesn'T Post On Social Media

It's sort of an understatement to say that Kim Kardashian West documents her entire life on social media. After all, publicly sharing her every move has been the cornerstone of ...

On 23 Jun,2022


This Is The One Thing Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About, New Study Finds

While the main purpose of weddings is to celebrate a couple's nuptials, it is also often planned with the guests in mind. And that doesn't come cheap. We spend tens ...

On 21 Jun,2022


The Real Reason Why Bachelorette Parties Are A Thing

When movie Rough Night opens in theaters Friday, the comedy about college friends who reunite 10 years later at a bachelorette party that goes wrong will be just one of a ...

On 01 Jun,2022


Beyonce'S 'Best Thing I Never Had' Video: Wedding Dress Details!

[vodpod id=Video.12554271&w=640&h=385&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] Beyoncé goes bridal in the video for her new single, "Best Thing I Never Had," and, of ...

On 26 May,2022


Will Maskne Still Be A Thing This Fall?

Along with your phone, keys, and wallet, face masks have become another essential to take with you before leaving your house. While covering your face in public is one of ...

On 02 May,2022

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