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It’S National Doughnut Day! Here Are All The Places To Score A Free Treat

Happy National Doughnut Day! From Krispy Kreme to Dunkin’ Donuts, here are all the places serving up a free dessert today. [People] Here are more must-click links to visit during ...

On 12 Sep,2022


How To Treat Blemishes, Bikini Line Bumps, And Ingrowns With One $12 Product

If your medicine cabinet is overflowing with skincare products, it might be time to consolidate your go-tos. The key to paring down your creams, serums, and masks? Multitasking products like ...

On 10 Sep,2022


These Exfoliating Pads Treat Every Type Of Acne — And The Packaging Is Sustainable

Anyone who has ever dealt with acne knows that finding solutions isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Depending on the type of blemishes you have, you may need to follow a specific ...

On 05 Sep,2022


Does It Really Work: Glove Treat, An At-Home Paraffin Hand Treatment

Somewhere between New Year’s Eve and Groundhog Day, I noticed my hands were looking rather… reptilian. I suspect it was of my own doing: I’d often ventured out ...

On 18 Jun,2022


Kristin Cavallari Shares Her Go-To Recipe For A Healthy Halloween Treat: Pumpkin Banana Bread

Former reality star Kristin Cavallari balances her busy family life (she's the mother of three children under 5) with several budding business projects (her recent partnership with Bounty, ongoing collaboration with ...

On 28 Apr,2022


Now How Does One Treat Acne With Natural Products?

No one wants to deal with breakouts. That's more than a safe assumption. It’s a beauty prob we’re determined to tackle, but how does one approach it when ...

On 09 Apr,2022


The Battle With Bacne: How To Treat And Cover Breakouts On Your Back

Bacne, or acne breakouts on your back, is a very common issue, but perhaps due to their less-than-glamorous appearance and the fact that no one really wants to admit they ...

On 25 Mar,2022


Kim Kardashian West Reveals The Sweet Treat She Splurges On When Breaking Her Diet

When it comes to fitness, can you actually have your cake and eat it, too? If you’re Kim Kardashian West, the answer is a definite yes. Since giving birth ...

On 26 Feb,2022

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