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Taylor Swift Visits Australian Children’S Hospital While On Vacation With Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift Embed Hollywood’s hottest new couple jetted down to Australia last week, the latest stop on their global travels. On Sunday night, Swift and Hiddleston were spotted on ...

On 29 Mar,2022


Traveling While Gluten-Free? What To Consider From Someone With Celiac Disease

There are a few definite truths about living gluten-free: You miss bagels every day. Curious friends regularly badger you with questions like "is coffee/vodka/sushi gluten free?” And you ...

On 23 Mar,2022


Staying Healthy While Traveling Is Hard. Hotel Wellness Rooms Make It Easy

When I think of Beverly Hills, I think of the origin of my favorite and least favorite health and fitness trends. But when I think of the Four Seasons Hotel ...

On 21 Mar,2022


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gives Major Jumpsuit Goals While Out In L.A.

Hot off a trip to New Zealand with actor beau Jason Statham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is back stateside and looking as fabulous as ever. On Sunday, the beautiful Brit stepped out ...

On 20 Jun,2022


Kate Hudson Sports The Perfect Mix Of Rock-N-Roll And Boho While Hopping A Flight

It doesn't matter if Kate Hudson is lounging by the pool in an itsy bitsy bikini or working the red carpet in a sultry design. The Hollywood A-lister is always ...

On 30 May,2022


Here’S How An Olympic Champion Stays Healthy While Traveling The World

Cold and flu season is officially upon us, and the chances of getting sick are even greater for those who are traveling. Not only are you exposed to way more ...

On 10 Feb,2022


Here'S Why You Haven'T Seen Zooey Deschanel Onscreen In A While

Almost six months have passed since New Girl aired its series finale, and after playing quirky teacher-turned-principal Jessica Day for seven years, the show’s star Zooey Deschanel has been ...

On 30 Oct,2021


12 Ways To Strengthen Your Business While Under Covid-19 Lockdown

Twelve different ways to enhance your jewelry business, whilst living the Covid-19 emergency. This is how Indian journalist and consultant Preeta Agarwal is close to the jewelry companies, in order ...

On 31 Oct,2021

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