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This 100-Year-Old Woman Says Drinking Wine Is The Key To A Long Life

If you think money, power, and respect are keys to life, there’s a wise centenarian who might challenge you. According to this 100-year-old woman, drinking wine is actually the ...

On 15 Jul,2022


Food And Wine Pairings For The Perfect Labor Day Weekend Picnic

It's already Labor Day Weekend, which means summer's about to turn over to the frigid winds of winter, GoT's season seven is over, and we're left patiently awaiting fall's most ...

On 23 Jun,2022


Found It! Anne Hathaway'S Deep Wine Lipstick

A deep bordeaux lip like Anne Hathaway’s makes a trendy statement, but finding your perfect wine hue can sometimes be a challenge. That's why Hathaway's makeup artist Kate Lee ...

On 04 Apr,2022


Brooklyn Is Getting Its First Ever Food & Wine Festival

If you were looking for a reason to visit Brooklyn this winter, we have some great news. New York's trendiest borough (sorry, Manhattan, but you know it's true) will host ...

On 09 Feb,2022


Yep, Farm-To-Table Hotels Exist And We'Re Obsessing Over These 10

If you have a vacation coming up, that means you have some pretty amazing things coming your way—a chance to soak in a new place, a few days away ...

On 08 Dec,2021

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