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Meghan Markle Wants Women To Stop Feeling Ashamed About Their Periods

Shame surrounding menstruation remains a direct barrier to girls' education and progress, and it's time to change that. Imagine a world where the female leaders we revere never achieved their ...

On 24 Oct,2022


Hillary Clinton Gets A Whiskey Named After Her As A "Tribute To Women In History"

As far as consolation prizes go, having a whiskey named after you isn’t bad. Republic Restoratives, a D.C.-based distillery, had been making plans for a rye whiskey ...

On 19 Sep,2022


The Best No-Makeup Makeup Products For Black Women

With outside still very much being closed, but Zoom cameras often required to be on, neutral glam is definitely in. But let's be honest here, with the world just realizing ...

On 27 Aug,2022


Barbra Streisand: Women "Aren'T Getting The Same Chance At Life" In The Battle Against Cardiovascular Disease

After her mother, Diana, underwent bypass surgery at age 81, legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand wasn’t just shocked by the reality of a family member falling ill. "I later ...

On 17 Aug,2022


Women Really Need To Get In On This Multitasking Hair Conditioner And Body Moisturizer That Men Love

While Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye is teaching men around the world that taking care of your hair and moisturizing is important, turns out hundreds of guys ...

On 23 Jul,2022


Women Are Using Menstrual Cups To Get Pregnant Faster And It Might Work

When you've decided it's time to pull the goalie, get down to business, and make a baby, you and your partner will likely be open to trying a variety of ...

On 14 Jul,2022


Women Who Have Miscarriages And Women Who Have Abortions Can Be The Same People

On Wednesday evening, Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend shared some heartbreaking news: they had lost their baby, a son they had decided to name Jack, to pregnancy complications.  Almost ...

On 24 Jun,2022


Cameron Diaz On Why Women Improve With Age, And Her Advice To Young Women Everywhere

In the introduction to your book, you write, "Beauty is not just something you were born with, it is something you grow into.” This is such a beautiful quote.I ...

On 09 May,2022


The Extreme Migraine That Only Women Get

If you’ve been unlucky enough to experience a migraine before, chances are, you are a woman. Migraines are three times more likely to affect women than men after puberty. ...

On 10 Apr,2022


Do Women Know Enough About The Pill?

At a time where lack of accessibility to birth control and abortion are major political issues, any suggestion that the pill may not be a good idea feels risky, as ...

On 25 Mar,2022


U.S. Named The "Most Dangerous" Developed Country For Women To Give Birth

This article originally appeared on People. For more stories like this, visit people.com. With maternal mortality rates soaring over the last 30 years, a USA Today investigation deemed the United ...

On 21 Mar,2022


A Tankini Is The Perfect Swimsuit For Plus-Size Women

When it comes to bathing suits, plus-sized women often find themselves at a disadvantage. The most popular styles, such as bikinis and revealing monokinis, aren’t usually found in their ...

On 14 Jan,2022


23 Trendy And Unique Uv Tattoo Ideas For Women

The art of tattooing has come along way and now even more stunning designs are being created. One amazing tattoo trend is UV or black light tattoos. These tattoos are ...

On 01 Mar,2022


10 Badass Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Women

Thigh tattoos – we love them because you can hide them or show them off, depending on your mood that day. If you’re in the market for badass thigh tattoo ...

On 06 Apr,2022


Women Over 45 Reveal Their Favorite Style Icons

Women over the age of 45 have clear preferences in terms of their styles, but also in terms of their celebrity inspirations. Bonmarche, a UK fashion retailer that caters specifically to ...

On 15 Nov,2021


41 Beautiful Peony Tattoo Ideas For Women

Peony tattoos are beautiful and these have become one of the most popular pieces of body art. The flowers symbolize many things including good fortune, romance, compassion and more. So ...

On 22 Feb,2022


43 Simple Tattoos For Women Who Are Afraid To Commit

Have you been thinking about getting a new tattoo? Then you have to check out our 43 simple tattoos for women. These tattoos all feature beautiful and simple designs. You will ...

On 16 Mar,2022


21 Small Hand Tattoos And Ideas For Women

If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo and want a design that is small and stylish, then this is the place to be! Today we want to show ...

On 25 Feb,2022


23 Cool Back Tattoos & Ideas For Women

Thinking about a new back tattoo? Then you are in the right place. We have found 23 of the best back tattoos for women. The back has become one of the ...

On 10 Mar,2022


23 Pirate Makeup Ideas For Women To Copy This Halloween

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Do you love treasure hunting pirates or are you a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean? If so, this is the place to be. Today we ...

On 11 Jan,2022

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