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Barack And Michelle Obama: 20 Years Together

Awww! President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary today, and the President sent out this adorable tweet earlier today: "Twenty years ago today, ...

On 24 Mar,2022


Gear Up For The 2015 Grammys: See The Wildest Manicures Of Years Past!

While the gorgeous gowns and beauty looks at the Oscars, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards never fail to channel the ultimate definition of Hollywood glamour, the Grammys are arguably the ...

On 21 Mar,2022


Get A Jump On New Year'S Resolutions! These Are The Fitness Trends To Try Now

'Tis the season for indulging. From a third serving of pie at the Christmas table to a few too many cocktails at your New Year's Eve bash, the holidays inevitably ...

On 25 Jul,2022


How I Regained Control Over My Body After Years Of Debilitating Pms

"Is it that time of the month again?" *Crowd gasps* I remember being 10 watching this scene in the movie Clueless, where Murray reduces his girlfriend Dionne to a hormonal woman ...

On 18 Jun,2022


Remember Pam And Judd From The Real World?! They'Re Celebrating 15 Years Of Marriage

Pam Ling and Judd Winick from the 1994 season of The Real World set in San Francisco have just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. That's right—these two found true love ...

On 15 Jun,2022


Editors' New Year'S Beauty Resolutions: Sticking To A Skincare Regime And Working A Brighter Lip

New year, new you! After the first few weeks of January, sticking to those fitness resolutions can be a challenge (especially with factors like the winter weather hindering your daily ...

On 17 Apr,2022


The Tiffany Setting: 130 Years Of Pure Perfection

When Charles Lewis Tiffany introduced a new method of setting a diamond in the 19th century, he surely had no idea just how iconic it would become. His simple idea ...

On 15 Dec,2021

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