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What'S It Like Shopping For A Wedding Dress When You'Re 6'6"? Just Ask My Giant Life Star Lexie Crist

On tonight's Season 2 finale of My Giant Life, viewers will watch Alexis "Lexie" Crist marry Harrison Majors—but what actually went into planning the six-foot-six beauty's big day? The 23-year-old ...

On 23 Mar,2022


How To Know If You'Re Having An Asthma Attack

Annie McDonnell was in elementary school the first time the wheezing set in. She was battling a bout of bronchitis when she started feeling like her chest was tight and ...

On 17 Mar,2022


Feeling Forgetful? You'Re Not Alone

Not long ago, I was filling out an online registration form for my son, and I couldn't remember his age. Was he 12 or 13? Stumped, I resorted to doing the math. ...

On 06 Nov,2022


Charcoal Sheet Masks Are Real—And You'Re Welcome

Who doesn't love a good charcoal mask? It gets out the gunk, clears your skin, and helps with congestion. The downside? It's minimal, but sometimes I don't want to deal ...

On 27 Oct,2022


5 Reasons You'Re Not Losing Weight On A Vegan Diet

Most people tend to associate a vegan diet with being lean. And science backs that notion. In a study of 40,000 adults, Oxford University researchers found that meat-eaters had the highest ...

On 11 Oct,2022


How To Practice Mindfulness, Even When You'Re Anxious As Hell

We're living in a confusing and anxious time. Chances are, even if you're typically even-keeled, you're looking for ways to de-stress from the daily fear and uncertainty surrounding both the ...

On 28 Sep,2022


If You Like Instagram And Cooking, You'Re Going To Love This New App

In an ideal world, we’d all have the time and energy to seamlessly pull off duck a l’orange or fresh baked fruit pie on any random weeknight. But ...

On 22 Sep,2022


3 Delizioso Store-Bought Tomato Sauces For When You'Re Too Lazy To Cook From Scratch

A surefire way to beat the Sunday Scaries, no matter the season, is by indulging in a big bowl of pasta with tomato sauce. There's just something about the combination ...

On 12 Sep,2022


You'Re Going To Want To Wear Christina Aguilera'S Green Eyeshadow Like Rn

If you watched last night's episode of The Voice, you must have noticed Christina Aguilera's striking makeup — a peachy lip and an emerald-colored smoky eye that's just out-of-this-world beautiful. Well, ...

On 03 Sep,2022


Is The Dental Floss You'Re Using Actually Bad For You?

We think of flossing as a healthy habit—but according to a new study, a certain type of floss contains harmful chemicals that may be leaching into our bodies. Women ...

On 26 Jul,2022


This Is The Best Ingredient For Acne And Redness — And You'Re Probably Not Using It

As someone who's struggled with stubborn breakouts for most of their adult life thus far, I've tried every over-the-counter acne-fighting ingredient I could get my hands on — or so I ...

On 13 Jul,2022


This Supplement Promises Better Skin When You'Re On Your Period—So We Tried It

Navigating the changes in my complexion around the time my period is scheduled to start is pretty tricky territory. The week before, my skin breaks out and I turn into ...

On 12 Jul,2022


This Chia Bowl Will Make You Feel Like You'Re On Vacation

We love a hearty porridge for breakfast, but as we enter spring, we’re craving something a little more… tropical. So we turned to Marcel Vigneron, a Top Chef competitor ...

On 07 Jun,2022


If You'Re Gonna Masturbate In Your Parents' House, Read This First

DEAR DR. JENN, When the coronavirus pandemic began, I decided to leave my apartment and go stay with my parents in the suburbs. Three months later, I'm still sleeping in ...

On 27 May,2022


Hurricane Irene: What To Read If You'Re Stuck Inside!

East Coasters, take note! Looks like you'll be spending the weekend indoors, so why not catch up on your What's Right Now reading? See below for a list of InStyle’...

On 26 May,2022


Stop What You'Re Doing And Admire Kaia Gerber'S Marc Jacobs Beauty Campaign

Kaia Gerber is making a strong case for some Twiggy-esque bottom lashes—not to mention volumnous curls with major '80s vibes—in her Marc Jacobs Beauty ad campaign. Back ...

On 15 May,2022


The Step You'Re Missing When Treating Blackheads, According To Dr. Pimple Popper

Oh, blackheads. Those dark, juicy, dots on your nose that are just begging to be picked or squeezed. Incredibly common and frustrating to treat, blackheads are formed when the dirt, ...

On 29 Apr,2022

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